Whole Body Cryotherapy

Cold therapy has been around for centuries, we have just refined it and made it available for everyone, from the elite athletes looking for the very best way to help speed up their recoveries to the every day person looking for Pain Relief from inflamed joints and muscle soreness or just to feel refreshed, focused, and back to their usual self.

During the Whole body Cryotherapy session the body goes into survival mode which is when the body takes the blood from around the body and concentrates it around the Heart, Lungs and Brain. When the body is doing this, it is filtering out all the toxins and sending back out new enriched blood which starts to repair any soft tissue damage and more oxygen to muscles for greater athletic performance.

Cryotherapy has many benefits which include:

  • Relief of Chronic Pain

  • Decreased Inflammation

  • Relief of muscle soreness

  • Increase in athletic performance (More o2 in blood)

  • Increase in B Endorphins (Body's natural pain killer)

  • Increased serotonin levels (Feeling of Euphoria)

  • Increase of collagen production

  • Increase in Mental Focus

  • Better Sleep patterns 

  • Increase in Bone Density with weekly sessions

  • Post surgery up to 50% quicker recovery time.

 For just 3 minutes out of your day you too, can feel amazing.